Name: Ruth Amy-Louise Hüneke
Date of Birth: 25/9/1987
Race: White/Caucasian aka. half English half German
Location: A southern area of London (or it was, I've now hopped countries)
Website function: A small area to showcase my work and adapt it according to advice and criticism. Although I now have no plans to ever publish my silly stories and might just turn the website into a blog/fanfic corner instead.

Website guide: 'Jaron' is a sci-fi/fantasy set on an imaginery world, focusing on Jaron, Prince of Tyrony, who needs to save his country from the oppressive Catlans.
'Goth Story' (or 'Dark Kingdom') is a fantasy set in a sort of parallel universe, where the world at night is radically different from the world during the day.
'The Stepmanford Ukes' I never plan to publish or make any money from. It's a story that criticises a particular kind of story that fangirls are too well-acquainted with. Though I've copyrighted it, it's only to show that I'm the writer of this story. The story features no original characters, so their copyrights belong to a multitude of other authors (including Anne Rice, Sanami Matoh, Hideo Kojima and Kazuki Takahashi among many others).

Future website developments? A new homepage if I can ever be bothered.
Email: ruth@r-story.net