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Yay! This site's finally up!

I'm Ruth, the maker of this site. Why did I make this site? Well I have a story or two to tell and hope to one day publish my books, but right now I'm so young I'm still occupied with school. So in the meantime I could do with creative criticism, particularly with the first story.

As you read 'Jaron' you will see how bad it is in some places (I did start writing it at 13 after all). At first I did it on purpose because I decided to write a great book that rolls along like a movie and has a great front cover in order to draw the attention of children who...usually don't read. As I grew older I got confused whether to write it childishly or to put some intelligence behind it. I think I might have done both.

As extra entertainment you can read this blog and laugh at how opinionated I can get, as well as hearing a life story or two when I feel like it or if I did have an interesting day and want to retell it.

Anyway, pick one of the few links randomly to waste some time. If you feel like it, you can test if my message system works by adding a message below and giving first impressions from reading the Prologue. (There is no need to register for it, unless you want to.)

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