Ruth's Diary


Yesterday it was lovely: the heat was blistering and lovingly humid, the way I like it. I'm the type of person who likes the heat and very sensitive to cold, which is why I wrap myself so much in Winter. It was also yesterday that I celebrated my best friend's 18th Birthday with her.

June's (that's her name) parents own a Thai restaurant and as a treat her Mum treated June and 5 friends to a free meal and birthday cake. June made it a formal affair, so I had the excuse to wear my sexy yet smart red/black dress with chinese characters everywhere. It wasn't really the best dress to wear during the humidity period, but I had no choice. I needed to be at June's house before 6:30 so I decided to bear sweating in the dress while I drove there.

The restaurant was surprisingly quiet that night, Saturdays usually see it much more full. Even though Mum told me to not drink (a sensible precaution) I treated myself to a glass of 'Sabai', a brand of Thai Rose Wine. (Yum) The birthday cake given was chocolate fudge, so we were forced to eat it slowly. It's also a bit of a Thai tradition for the birthday person to share out his/her cake, so June ended up giving extra pieces (there were oh so many) to every other customer in the restaurant, who were very happy. I also got extra congrats from June's Mum and Aunt for passing my Driving Test. Oh yeah, even though the food was free, we grabbed notes in order to give large tips to the cooks of our lovely food. Rob had a £50 note on him, but they wouldn't accept it.

On another note, my site keeps suffering from bugs. The last entry was somehow 'forgotten' by the site-building software and Dad had to forage our server for the lost entry. And it was nowhere! And the links won't behave.


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