Ruth's Diary


This entry is made to announce a few things: my family are visiting Grandma (Mum's mother) on Wednesday and we don't come home 'till Saturday. So what does this mean? Well it means that Chapter 7 will be put up early.

I have changed the title of my story from 'Jaron' to 'Fall of the Catlans'. I did this because  Jaron becomes less focused on as the story goes on. Feedback please (yes, this is a plea for more comments on my message board. It really would be appreciated!).

Because I mentioned my Grandma, I'll talk about my English family. Mum is the eldest of five children. Her parents are Eileen and Bob Tucker. When Mum became a young adult they split up. Eileen married Grandad Frank and Bob married Grandma Kathy. (Notice that I call my step-grandparents with their first names.) Mum also ended up with two new cousins

Frank I saw more often than Kathy and Bob, so he wanted me & Nathan to call him Grandad. I guess we did but I still think of him as Grandad Frank. The two Grandads are now dead, killed by smoking.

I also have a great uncle and Mum's cousins in Australia. Grandma also had a sister who lived in Cornwall with great uncle Pete. Notice the had, she's now dead. (Pete isn't.) I think that's all I have to say.

If you think this was fun, just you wait until I talk about my very complicated German family. Until next time, toodles.

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