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Well that was stupid: yesterday it was announced on the news that several thousand GCSE, AS and A Level papers of exam board OCR fell out the back of a van and a lot are unlikely to be retrieved, so some examiners will have to guess the grade depending on a student's previous work. I dunno who should be blamed for this, but I'd hate to be a student hoping their exam was properly assessed. Plus so many will be cheated: quite a lot of people do better in their exam than their year average, so they might miss their personal target grade. My heart goes out to you all.

As you might be able to tell, I'm unaffected-my exams were AQA and Edexcel. But Nathan... well when he heard this it strengthened his argument of exams on computers. Personally I'm all for the traditional written exam.

I also didn't say that I wear a pony tail to work (can't have loose hair due to hygiene rules). I find it strange that I don't mind. In Primary School we weren't allowed loose hair to prevent the spread of knits, but despite knowing this I hated it. Maybe it's a sign I'm growing up^^.

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