Ruth's Diary


Golly! It's been a while since I updated! Thing's that happened since 22nd October...hmmm...

Took in my first 2 History exercises/assessments and got decent marks, partied on Halloween-on which night I went to the local nightclub for the first time, used the train to get home and stayed with my parents while attending the Climate Chaos protest, visited June as well, watched some Full Metal Alchemist in between, spent the last 2 days doing essay plans (happier with one than the other), saw The Queen on Monday, still intending to get my gravy boat fixed...I sound like I was busy don't I? Well would you believe I spent, have spent and still spend most of my free time doing whatever (usually on the computer) in my room? I never expected that to be part of my Uni experience, that's certain. Can't complain though^^.

I also feel like saying that I agreed to sing in the choir of Holy Trinity Church (Aberystwyth) for the Advent service. I get to wear a red robe for the first time!^^

Something quite annoying has happened this week though: my supply of spoons has whittled down from a healthy 6 to 3. WHERE DID THEY GO?

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