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I could finally completely relax on Friday afternoon since I had given in my 5000+ word project. It was good since next day (yesterday) I travelled by train to Worcester. I'm staying with Aunty Sue, Uncle Mark, Sarah and Benjamin (Dillon family-Sue is Mum's younger sister) for 2 nights, on Sunday (today) we gathered at a hotel as a birthday surprise for Grandma. Simple thing really-3 course meal plus cake. Still stuffed. I looked fabulous. This house is so nice, plus the family have 2 cats and one of them (the female) stays indoors all the time-she's so adorable and affectionate^^.

I'd rather talk about yesterday though. The train journey from Aberystwyth to Birmingham went without a hitch, but just as I was getting off the train a nosebleed started. I had no tissues or nothing! (I get random nosebleeds for no reason every couple of months or so, but usually they happen in the morning so I have my own bathroom to run to-and tissues.) Rather than anyone being concerned everyone hurried off the train and I just hurried quickly (with blood all over one hand) to the find they charged 30p! I had no change and I didn't dare open my bag pocket and get out my wallet with my bloody hand! (There was a change machine right next to it.) After a while I got the attention of the toilet warden, who let me in after I explained the situation.

So I get myself all cleaned up and wait for my train to appear on the platform screen. I find out I need to get to platform 12b. While wandering over there I find my nostril feeling funny and poke around in it-big mistake. This bloodflow was even fiercer and I could do nothing but simply stand there looking down, blood just dripped onto the floor. Most people were horrified at the sight of a nosebleed and steered clear. This was doubly humiliating! A nice black lady eventually came along asking if I was okay. I said I needed tissues and she gave me a humongous wad. (Why are black ladies more helpful to strangers than white ladies?) She even gave me 30p to go through the paying machines to the toilets. I felt a bit ashamed that I had to go past the warden in those toilets. While in there a white girl roughly my age got concerned and asked if I was OK. I appreciated the sentiment but it woulda been more useful if that'd happened outside the toilets! I got myself cleaned up, obviously.

*sigh* Arriving at Worcester Foregate Street I pretty much followed the crowd, not being sure where Sue would be meeting me. As I got near the entrance, I curiously eyed a group of teenagers. Getting closer, the youngest boy smiled and greeted me. Turned out to be Ben. (Um...did I mention I haven't seen the Dillon family for 4 years?) I was even more stunned to find the girl next to him being Sarah. Sarah? Her brown hair was now black and she was clearly wearing black eyeliner...thickly (thick line that is). And the other boy was her boyfriend. Walking through the streets of Worcester with the pair...or, trio, I was able to see the small but pleasant city through a teenager's POV for once. Thing is, I've found myself growing increasingly jealous of Sarah. She wears eyeliner better than I do, she has a job at 16 and is well-paid for it and has a boyfriend-and he's not her first! Plus the lifestyles of the Dillon family are cooler than mine: casual take-aways and expensive holidays to Turkey and Spain. Sue is such a cool mum. *sigh* Why couldn't I have been so fortunate?

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