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It's normal for me to have dreams that most people consider to be strange/disturbing. A 'normal' dream is just a sequence of surrealism and silliness based on images and experiences of everyday life. That rarely happens to me. When I got my first job, as a waittress, I did start dreaming of sleeping in the hotel kitchen in my uniform and my boss dancing weirdly. And a couple of months ago I was dreaming of returning to Camp Louise after I reluctantly agreed to do so under some kind of pressure-dunno what kind exactly but it's the journey and my feelings on the journey I remember dreaming about.

The dreams I usually have would scare a fair number: me being in gunfire, living life in a hall of residence somewhere in which the bottom floor was dominated by zombies, sitting in the lounge after hearing on the radio that a nuclear attack had been launched. They're all aspects of different dreams, indeed. While I was reading the 'Vampire Chronicles' I dreamt of Lestat and a strange ritual being done against him: swords would appear from nowhere, stabbing the spellcaster as well as Lestat. Strange I know.

This dream takes the absolute cake of disturbing dreams. I had it before I woke up on Sunday 18th May. (No I didn't avoid talking about it 'cos I had to get to grips with it, I just didn't find the time. It wasn't that traumatic.)

It was like a TV show of some sort. First there was the preview bit where various images were shown before the episode started. The first image was what looked like an abandoned schoolroom with overgrown vines penetrating the walls. There were only a few corpses in there, that's it. But the gory detail was that the few corpses looked like they had died screaming (mouths in ovals) and their heads had been cut or ripped open. Pieces of brains were nailed into various surfaces by knives. The following images were not so clear: then there was a chase scene out of a jungle and next to an abandoned building. Then some kind of fight. Then the idea of an attack on a decimated coastal town, an image of blood in the sea with ravenous dolphin-like creatures swimming among the bloody waves (blood came out of their mouths). Then an image of sci-fi floating cyphers attacking with lasers, more blood onto the greenery and some blonde woman grinning and wearing a black dress.

Then the 'episode' starts, that's how formulaic the dream was. First snapshots of that schoolroom I described in the first image. One shot was of one wall dotted with nailed-by-knives/daggers brain pieces, sometimes with a ragged ribbon. The next scene is outside the building. Two people partially resembled Dog and Beth from Dog The Bounty Hunter (as is the case with celebrities appearing in my dreams, they didn't look quite like them) and they were surrounded by a team of people who looked nothing like their actual Bounty Hunting team. They were discussing plans on how to find a certain enemy, acting as if there wasn't a horrible scene in the building they're next to. I never knew if they actually went inside or not. Now I'm not me I'm just a person who's playing the cameraman yet roleplaying what's going on at the same time. Confused? Well put it this way: I'm not me, no one interacts with me in this dream and yet I fear my environment as if it is a threat to me.

So anyway, the talking scene abruptly ends and everyone is now treading casually somewhere else. Next thing I know, something is killing them all off (can't see who or what) and I just sorta stay still but try to hide between a hill slope and another abandoned vine-covered building. Next thing I know, I'm seeing a landscape view of a coastal town that's been decimated and abandoned, making it seem like a decrepid ghost town. There are some people still living here though, but right next to the sea. They try to carry on some semblance of normal life. I'm now on a boat, not interacted with but an adult looked right at me. It's a school trip, all the teenagers are wearing life jackets and most obediently follow the order to jump off the boat and into the sea. They all get eaten by emerging fish of some sort (their shapes resembled small dolphins). I'm on the boat with a blonde girl who stayed behind and was wearing a black life jacket. She hotly protests the order and action, but falls silent when the teacher says in a matter-of-fact voice that it's part of the curriculum and she will fail any exams if she doesn't. Suddenly I'm scared.

Then I'm running down a path in a jungle (somehow resembling steps) behind the Dog and Beth characters. We're running from something but I don't know what. Suddenly they're running along the coast and the blonde girl in black was lying on the beach and crying. She had her mauled elbow on her bloody back. 'Beth' picked her up and angrily complained about the people who did this to her. Then I'm witness to a battle of some sort involving machines and people who seem to be hypnotised. They have fatal wounds but act like they don't care. The corpses on the battlefield have their heads ripped open (like in the classroom) but I don't see their brains. The Dog and Beth characters are trying to help the human resistors battle these machines and brainwashed people but are then shocked to find the wounded blonde girl from the swimming lesson (who I instinctively know to be their daughter) wearing a black dress walking among the machines and smiling. She coaxes her parents to "join us".

Then I woke up. Sophie told me she likes to interpret people's dreams...well, I can only wonder what she'll make of this. And if anyone reading this thinks the blonde traitor in the dream is supposed to be Baby Lyssa well in actual fact she looked nothing like her.

I think it's only fair that I end this entry with a slightly happier note. I'm off to Paris tomorrow for my training weekend. The training is for August, when I go to a camp hosted in Winmarleigh Private School for French kids to speak English-I'm going to be a Youth Leader ^^. It also means that I'll most probably be watching the Eurovision Song Contest tomorrow night, but unfortunately I'll have to put up with yammering French commentators instead of the loveable Terry Wogan. *sniffle*

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