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I've just done some Russian writing, I didn't think it would be so pretty. It's just a shame my writing can't match that prettiness. Takes me back to my handwriting classes in primary school, where I preferred some letters over others and was always discontent when my writing couldn't match the teacher's perfection. Most people kinda ditch handwriting by the time they do their GCSEs anyway, 'cos most people's handwriting is terrible so they tend to write unjoined. In exams I personally write in a handwriting/unjoined combination because I use at least some handwriting rules all the time out of habit.

As for German cursive, I did try my hand at it, many years ago. Never looked as good as the diagrams. Dad still uses it but he admitted it was a dying art, long ago. I've noticed very few German youngsters are expected or made to write in the German cursive so they just print write most of the time.

So imagine my surprise when Herr Bierich said yesterday that children in Slavic countries are still expected to use cursive. He can't believe that his own daughters, who go to school here, can get away with non-cursive writing 'cos that wouldn't be allowed in his homeland. We only ever see printed Russian in the West 'cos of the Communist propaganda and the printed road signs, so I thought we would be graphically drawing letter blocks the entire time. No...I'm finding myself in handwriting classes once again.

Hopefully today we learn to draw the letter 'y' so I can write 'nyet', which until yesterday was the only Russian word I knew.

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