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The thing about a lecture done by Peter Schlotter is that he always features a very complicated and confusing diagram done by some political scientist (I know that's not technically the English name but I keep hearing Politikwissenschaftler so that's the term in my head) who thinks it necessary to have a diagram explain the relationship between social conditions and a current political system and the ways they can both react to each other. Seriously, why does someone feel the need to show this in a diagram? I'm a history student for crying out loud, I'm well aware how one decision is influenced by many things, so various conditions influencing a political system is not that alien a concept. I even think this a degrading attitude towards students who really are in their first semester of Uni. I mean, there are plenty of excellent political dramas, they demonstrate the complexities of political life to any douche.

And while I'm complaining, why is it that if public toilets in Heidelberg have a window, it's always wide open? The Damen Toiletten in the central library has a particularly large window, so it's not just likely you'll walk into a cold cave but you might get assaulted by wind too. I really don't see the point of open windows in toilets, they're the one place where you'd rather see no windows at all considering you have to expose the most delicate skin. You don't want that exposed to the cold do you?

Earlier Rolf Steltemeier surprised us in the Seminar. His assistant Sylvia (I still find that concept amazing: every lecturer involved in a course has a student assistant who takes care of any technological needs and all student admin and leads the Tutorials) suggested everyone in the room go to a restaurant after the Seminar in 2 weeks and Rolf decided to throw in a game of chance while at it. He made us all take a piece of paper to write on our names, Obama and McCain. We had to write our prediction of who will win tomorrow's election and by how much in percentage. I had no clue so I put Obama wins by 13%. I hope Obama wins but I find it very unlikely I'll win free dinner.

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