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I've never seen this much snow in my life.

I have vague memories of being very small and seeing it snowing. I have memories of my attempts to make a snowman. I was 13 when I was lucky enough to see piles of snow during the Christmas holidays, so Dad and I celebrated by going to a large hill in the countryside and went sledding (or 'tobogganing'). Nathan was in Devon, where there was more snow. 2 years later in January I was a victim of snow messing up the public transport system. In both of those instances though, the snow pretty much disappeared after 2 days. 2 years ago I was in Aberystwyth and-to my dismay-saw snow in February. I actually wanted it to go away as quickly as possible back then because dammit, snow and daffodils don't mix. Do you have any idea how strange it is to see daffodils covered in snow?

One reason I looked forward to Winter in Heidelberg was the sight of snow. Peter lied when he said we didn't get much snow down in the valley here. It snowed the 2nd-to-last weekend in November and while the unfortunately same pattern that had happened the rest of my life happened (snow gone in 2 days) enough was kept high up in the mountaintops so that I beheld a glorious sight on the first Sunday of Advent: a snowy forest.

2 Mondays ago I was travelling back here to Heidelberg. A glorious sight beheld me wherever I was, from stepping off the plane in Frankfurt to wandering up-and-down Heidelberg Hauptbahnhof...there was snow everywhere. And lots of it. I wandered how long it would last. Most of it melted away over the next few days but the roofs were still snow-covered and the ice refused to leave the Neckar river-not that it was completely iced over mind you, just that a lot of it is ice right now. Oh and the temperature refuses to go above 0. Guess what happened yesterday? More snow fell! More snow...fell.

I've gotten over my bewilderment but considering temperatures are still very low, I'm wondering if yet more snow will fall. I'm now torn. I want to see an end to freezing temperatures but it's all so pretty. And natural. (I partly yearn for the warmth because my bedroom refuses to be warmer than 10ºC, but I've found solutions: I need to do research for my Hausarbeit so my free time's gonna be spent in libraries from now on :P. Oh and I'm heating up abandoned towels to use as blankets when I snuggle up in my bed to read.)

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