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Just my luck. It seems the last snowfall was marking the passing of the high pressure point, 'cos now the snow's been replaced by rain. Ah well, at least rain I can handle. It doesn't rain much here and when it does, it's light.

I have such a problem when it comes to TV. Especially if it's a classic show from the 80s/90s. Well, I suppose turn of the Millennium can be added to that list, since (especially in the case of DC animation) some of the awesome stories and broadcast trends of the 90s were still being continued. Right now I'm making my way through Cowboy Bebop, an anime I could've watched back when I saw Outlaw Star on TV (I was 15), since Cowboy Bebop was shown right before it. Thing is, I didn't watch it 'cos of 2 reasons: 1) I couldn't tell what it was about (and I'd never heard of it) 2) I thought its run was as long as either Inuyasha (which I've never seen and don't plan to) or DBZ. Turns out it's a one-off series. 26 eps and a movie and that's it.

But yeah, it's not particularly addictive so since I have better things to do at the mo, it's literally something to watch in my spare time and my only dilemma was, what to watch when I finish that anime. I have either the final season of Battlestar Galactica or Supernatural (perhaps another show in its final season). Problem is, I have no idea if they've completed their run so I was reluctant to start as soon as I was done with Bebop. But yesterday I accidentally (and I mean accidentally) came across a Youtube account who's been working diligently to a) not get discovered and b) upload episodes of Batman: Beyond (or Batman in the Future as it's known practically everywhere outside North America) and Batman The Animated Series (the later one I believe). This entire week has pretty much seen me scour Youtube for BB uploads because a sudden rush of nostalgia makes me just want to see an episode again, even though I've seen all of them. I've also decided every Batman Beyond DVD collection is mine for my next birthday. But with the Animated Series, I don't actually remember it too well, so it's only fair that I go back and watch it all so I can respect the original Batman franchise. So now I'm excited to watch older eps, especially since various AMVs (Animated Music Videos) reveal that the stories in the Animated Series were very interesting (the appearance of Nightwing anyone?). I want to see those magical moments myself.

And as if that wasn't bad enough, I then discover a live action series called 'Birds of Prey' which offers an alternative future timeline of what happens in Gotham City. There's only 13 eps, apparently it was very good, so now I wanna see it myself. Oh God I'm coming down with Obsessive Compulsive Franchise Disorder (a term coined by the Movie Preview Critic) and bad! And that franchise is all things Batman! I suppose some force in the universe decided now's a good time to have all these goodies served on a silver platter because I plan to watch The Dark Knight when I go to Manchester in March. I'll be watching Nathan's blu-ray version Mwahahaha!

At this point I should take a breather and remind myself that a media franchise of any sort is not that important in the great scheme of things. After all, I have a paper to research, exams to prep for, friends to see, God's word to discover...oh who am I kidding? God knows that being left to myself allows Batman to fly in on my brain.

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