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It's funny that on 5/1 I flew over here and snow was the first thing I saw. Now I'm sitting in the gate lounge and I'm expecting to see snow when I land in London City. Even if it is slushy. I laughed at the amount of snow London got at the beginning of the week. The most the city'd had since 1991 and it ground to a halt. I wonder how they dealt with it back then?

Now I could talk about how my exams went but I don't want to. I do wanna quickly say though, Birds of Prey is not worth seeing and I now realise why it was cancelled after 1 season (at least the network had the decency to allow the story to finish first), why it wasn't exported and why it's so hard to find uploads of the episodes. The story is a good idea and the actors give it their all but...damn why's it such a chick flick? The music and setting is all wrong. And Harley never dressed up as a Harlequin!

What I really want to talk about is Tuesday last week, when I went to visit Nicola. We're both dual-nationals, we're both Erasmus and she's living in the place where I tried to get in but failed. So it was good to see her room and see where I might've ended up staying for the year. It's seriously massive. The fact that she's allowed a fridge and a toaster in her room (not that she has a toaster) means she doesn't have to leave her room to get breakfast. Can certainly be handy. But here's the thing to stress: she's not living in a hall of residence...not a uni one anyway. She's living on a college campus, which means college students are expected to go to the Mensa for most meals. For Erasmus students, there's a kitchen. It's only big enough for 4 at the most to use at a time. So Nicola, annoyed at how full it always is, found clever ways of cooking in her room, involving a microwave and a kettle.

But I'm really going far from what I want to talk about. Partly why I went round was so I could show her Transformers: The Movie. Months ago, pretty much the first week we met, we both complained about the live-action movie. She talked about how much she hated it as a non-Transformers fan but I'm obviously a fan. So on that Tuesday she finally saw the prime example of the original franchise, the UK non-remastered version no less. But despite the dodgy sound quality, the small amount of animation errors and the dull hue every image managed to have she fell in love with it. At the end, she was so awed and it made me so happy. She loved the colours, she felt the animation was impressive for its time and she quickly picked favourite characters: Blur and Grimlock in particular.

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