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All in all, I've had a pretty good week this week. Hectic too, mind. I spent the last week researching, planning and writing my essay, while I also took my minibus test and got 2 essays back. I got 70 both times. Not to mention on Saturday I hosted a candlelight vigil/political event. So with my essay while I decided I wanted a 72, I doubt I'll get it. When reading through my essay I felt that my point wasn't centralised and focussed enough, but I can't figure out how to get it that centralised. Although I have felt one of my other essays wasn't quite linear and succinct enough but it got me 70. Ah well, I'll see what happens.

As for the candelight vigil, well, I was hosting it on behalf of Avaaz and it was one of 2900 in the world. The reason? To make a statement to the political leaders at Copenhagen that we need a real deal for runaway climate change prevention. Now while it didn't take much effort or time the fact that I was chief organiser meant I thought about it a lot. But through the power of networking a wonderful amount turned up (and I was glad I bought extra candles), children showed up (the presence of children always makes a protest somehow) and even Côr Gobaith showed up! I never expected that! Côr Gobaith is the local street choir who turn up at every protest and political initiative event and they sing songs about justice and environment and rights and all that sort of stuff in both English and Welsh. If anything I had the privilege to meet new people and got new contacts, just in case I do something like this again. I was somewhat saddened that not many students turned up but in all fairness I coulda done more to announce this thing instead of being shy about it, plus the ones I did invite were rather busy.

I also had 2 society Christmas dinners: hiking on Thursday and fencing on Saturday. The former was a bit low-key and I felt I was sitting in the wrong place since the conversations I had weren't all that great. Nevermind, it was still fun. On Saturday I had a whale of a time. The club itself is rather large so I had the chance to talk to people I haven't yet met in the entire term. There was also dancing, although the food came amazingly quickly. 1 minute after finishing one course, all the cutlery was collected and the next distributed. The sprouts at the Marine Hotel were perfect (unlike the sprouts at Gannet's Bistro, where I was on Thursday). I also had just the right amount of coffee: you see, most of the cups were small, like Turkish coffee cups, so once the coffee was cool enough, I could drink it rather quickly and before it got cold.

Now while the hiking Christmas meal wasn't great (although definitely pleasant) the last hike of the year was a riot. I was the official minibus driver and at the end of the journey Jessop, in his encourageable way, got everyone to applaud for me. On the walk itself Sam brandished Idris (the stuffed dragon that is the club's mascot) with his tinsel belt and Christmas hat, which he had actually been wearing since Thursday. She also revealed to me she'd brought with her a Zombie Book of Carols. We sang from it during lunch break and we kept cracking up and laughing. The writer was a genius: he took well-known carols and re-wrote the lyrics to talk about eating spleens and spreading viruses and other unsuitably grotesque imagery, it's hilarious! We even sang from it again before I drove us all home. I couldn't honestly figure out what was pissing off everybody else exactly, us singing or the lyrics. But on the minibus while it was still parked they decided to sing '500 Miles' to drown us out :P

Hopefully Sam will find some people so we can march through Aberystwyth carolling from this book. If not, we still have Thursday. And did I mention I spent the latter third of the walk and drove back shrouded in silver tinsel? Sam managed to find the longest length of tinsel and while she herself was using it as a belt on Thursday, she decided I should adorn it. I've still got it and I'm now wondering what to do with it. I'm also waiting for her to upload the photos from the walk onto Facebook so I can show the world how awesome I look in tinsel :D.

And when I arrived back here in my student house there was cooked Christmas Dinner waiting for me. I had Christmas Dinner for today's lunch too. How is it I'm still not bored of the damn meal? (Probably has to do with the fact that I had Seabass on Saturday)

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