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So we've now entered the 'tens', I guess...

And what a way to kick-off the decade! Yesterday I saw 'Avatar' in 3D. Now I don't plan to see many movies in 3D, 'cos it's honestly nothing more than an expensive gimmick and if I'd had it my way, I would've seen it in ordinary 2D. In an ideal world I would've seen it in Imax but that's also pricey. So it was great seeing that. Even if it wasn't the best movie ever (I'd still name 'Watchmen' 2009's movie of the year). Speaking of movies, I need to properly finish off the comment I was making about the Max Steel movie. What I meant to say was that franchises were being revitalised and books and games are being adapted because in those instances there was a guaranteed fanbase, so Hollywood was and is still willing to invest because of the guaranteed return. Max Steel doesn't have one. Or if it does, it's very small. So I'm not sure what the intention of this movie is: either Hollywood execs are banking on grown-up 90s kids' nostalgia or some script writer simply stumbled upon the concept of 'Max Steel' somehow and decided to use it as a template for a serious, grown-up action movie. If the latter's the case, then I will truly smile.

Also, the script for 'Transformers 3' has been leaked. I didn't want to read all of it 'cos if it is that version that gets made, I don't want any spoilers come release. There's also the debate on whether it's genuine or not. From what I've read of it though, it's very G1. Most of the characters are from the cartoon's first season and the plot is very typical: humans have found a way to make Energon, give technique to Autobots, Decepticons find out (through Laserbeak no less) and attack. At this point I stopped. There's also the subplot of Sam proposing to Mikaela. What I found odd about this was that the script writer (Ehren Kruger if you believe the cover page) did nothing in these first scenes to make the characters more interesting. Sam at least got interesting lines and had a good-natured banter with Optimus Prime, Mikaela is just going through the motions.

In fact, the Transformers are generally written better than the humans. Which is how it should be really, I mean, who cares about the humans?

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