Ruth's Diary


I had a good day yesterday. I completed my essay, not finished mind you, but the fact that I've written out an essay 5 days before the deadline is a new personal record. I also got my first gold trophy on 'Bayonetta'. Not because I went ahead and played through on Climax difficulty against my better judgement, but because I completed all the side quests. Although the final one I had spent 3 DAYS ON!

Oh well, since I now have Reading Week and I bought my copy of 'Heavy Rain' less than 2 hours ago, I can happily play it with little to distract me. Actually, I think it would be more apt to say there is little that 'Heavy Rain' can distract me from, I'm not silly enough to prioritise a game over my degree or enjoying the Welsh countryside (I'm up for minibus-driving duty again this Sunday, we're going to Cadair Idris^^).

Also, since Reading Week does free up a lot of time, I thought I'd take my Lektor's advice and take out some German books from the library. I don't think he expected me (or anyone) to pick out some children's books to read but finding 'Die Kleine Hexe' (The Little Witch) just made me have a yearning to know what the story was. When I was a child, I used to possess a copy, but I couldn't understand it. Naturally, we didn't keep it. So now I just want to know what the story's about and it's very charmingly written. It's also wonderful for a study of grammar and prose (it is a children's story and not one for tots after all).

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