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Final note on Crash Bandicoot: the bosses are way too easy.

Moving on, I wanted to talk about 'Flower'. This is a very unique game that is put into the genre of 'art', not puzzle or first-person shooter (which is all too common right now). So what makes 'Flower' an art game? Well, first off there's very little challenge. That doesn't mean it's not a legitimate game. What you do is bloom flowers in order to create a chain reaction within each level. Why you do this is up to interpretation. There's a visual narrative but there's no verbal explanation of any kind as to what's going on. So there you go. You play 'Flower' to whizz around a dream land and figure out what the game might be trying to say. That we've forgotten nature's beauty? That we should rely on it more? (That the power of God truly exists?)

I discovered an interesting blog today (more like advertised by the Movie Preview Critic) called 'Zen and the Art of Waitering' ( Jonas only started it recently, so I read through his posts rather quickly and found it rather witty and true. He's a waiter you see, and I've been a waitress, so I could relate to many of his stories. But a lot of his commentary also points out the bizarre way we view jobs and stations in life. Seriously, why do we stress so much on getting a job that fulfills us and we enjoy, when so few jobs do? It's not the job that makes us after all, it's our interests.

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