Ruth's Diary


Happy Father's Day everybody!

*looks around sheepishly* Heh, yeah...been a while.

I've honestly not had much to talk about. I mean, I came home from Uni but since then I've spent most of my time watching Ashes to Ashes and playing Mirror's Edge. I've also been making my music video reviews in between...

I suppose a couple of interesting things have happened. I went to a jobs fair. If there was anything valuable I learned it was that jobs fairs cater to people looking for a career, or permanent positions. At least I learned the kinds of work available for polyglots.

I'm also more excited than ever about applying for an EU position. Not really sure why, the odds are stacked against me in all honesty. But it has provided an incentive to adopt a healthy habit: reading some Spanish articles. I've found obituaries to be really good for building vocab.

And I really should get on with figuring out my travels for the year. That would be a good idea...

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