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Tomorrow I'm off to the Czech Republic, where I'll begin my first step on a career ladder that can possibly cover the globe (eventually). Until 2 days ago, I hadn't felt any nerves at all. Now I keep getting jolts of nerves, but it's nothing to do with the usual fears of 'oh my God, I'm going to a strange far away place where I don't know anyone'. I've gone through that so many times that now, I know I can cope. No...all the jitters come from the typical stresses and tasks associated with simply moving house.

Well...except there's planes involved. Since I have to fly over there, I'm fretting over the luggage going over the allocated weight allowance. It's been OK before now, those times I did go over the luggage allowance, but those times were with Lufthansa and tomorrow I'll be flying with Easyjet. Considering my past experiences with them I'm not so certain they'll be so accommodating, even if most of the weight's just clothes. *sigh* I'll deal with it when it happens. Also, because I'll actually be full on living there, I've packed 2 huge boxes containing other things like my desk lamp, stationary, large dictionaries, kitchen utensils, my DVDs...and TV and Playstation 3. You must have seen that coming. The jitters associated with the boxes are simply that I'll have to trust a company to transport them over. They'll be out of my sight, not in the back of Dad's car as he drives us all home. Will they be OK out of my sight? I can only trust they will be.

You might be wondering, of course, why I chose a job in the Czech Republic. Well for one thing, their interview process was surprisingly lax. But really, moving to any foreign country is always a tough consideration. First, I had to be satisfied that my new employer would take care of me and train me properly, as well as have opportunities for me to develop. Then I mentally ran through my list of things to take care of. I surprised myself by coming up with the answers in seconds. I know what needs doing when moving countries, so realising it was doable, it seemed an easy choice. I do wish I'd had another week though, then I could have had a proper send-off and goodbye. But things happen for a reason (sometimes).

I've also been amusing myself with the thought of how I'd react if, at different points in my life, I'd known I'd be moving to the Czech Republic. If I'd known in the last few years, my most probable reaction would be a nod and a shrug. If I'd found out in the final years of High School, I'd most likely panic a little. And if I'd known when I was 11/12, I'd be angry, furious: this wasn't the future I'd planned! I was supposed to move to Blackpool and share a flat with June >(. This is one of those times I'm convinced we're all better off not knowing the future: it's so much more interesting and less internally conflicting that way.

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