Ruth's Diary


I'm just relaxing. Chilling out. Just not worrying. Worrying isn't productive and I was quite anxious in the final months of 2011. I was anxious about getting a job, then I was worried about not finding a flat or even a flatmate, worried also that I wouldn't leave the hotel in a timely manner, and then I worried about not getting enough leave in order to go back to London for, at least some, of the holidays.

Well all of that happened, despite my worrying that it wouldn't. And now the couple I lived with moved out. Ostrava didn't work out, they found jobs elsewhere, and when they announced this it honestly wasn't a surprise. So now I'm looking for a new flatmate. Not much progress is being made but everything worked out so well last time, so things will work out again. Hence why I'm not worrying.

While they-that-left had endeavored to take everything they owned, it's amusing to see what they left behind. A water jug, a saucepan, but not their perfect small frying pan. They also left behind a cheese grate...I'm not a fan of cheese, so I see that gathering dust. They also left behind a scarf, towels...and a pair of shoes. I'm convinced that one is a sure mistake. There is also a whole bunch of unused foodstuff that I'm happily going through.

There is also a magical sight I woke up to today: it's snowing outside! :D

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