Ruth's Diary


I baked some parsnip, carrot and onion turnovers...and they turned out great! :D

I'll definitely be making more in the future.

I got nervous with the various ways of making the dough that I found, usually making the dough was reliant on having a food mixer or processor or whatever other electronic mixing device there is. In order to make the dough, I just did what I did when I was young: kneaded together the butter and flour with my hands. And the smell is just so good. I had honestly forgotten how good dough smells.

I also remember making dough with the same smell when I used to help Mum make apple pies. That bothers me. I remember never liking the crust of Mum's apple pies. If she seriously made apple pies using savoury as opposed to sweet dough, that would explain why I never liked the crust. But I find it hard to believe Mum would be daft enough to use savoury dough when making apple pies.

In other news, I completed a game of Mass Effect 2. I'll write an entry about it specifically later, since I wanted to sort out my feelings for it. But to give you an idea, here are some of my reactions that I noticed while I was playing: while playing, I really hated it when I had to stop but when the PS3 wasn't on, I often found myself reluctant to play. 

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