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I think you can tell by the fact that this is my first entry in nearly a month that I've had very little to talk about.

That was pretty much until this weekend. Ostrava is a city that is truly transformed in the Summer. I have honestly never seen anything like it. I mean, yes, there is an obvious transformation in London when it's hot, but only in the sense that suddenly...people do have colourful clothing. London is pretty much a massive, bustling, hectic city all year round. And I have spent a year in another part of central Europe, that being Heidelberg. Like anywhere in central Europe, it actually adheres to the 4 seasons. But Heidelberg is a very pretty town, so it's nice to look at/be in all year round.

In the Winter, it's easy to get the impression that people here are just cosy during the cold months. They enjoy doing indoor activities like playing games and going to the cinema. And packing the shopping centres every weekend. But it's not that normal seeing tons of people outside. Also, everything is dead: grass, trees, you name it. Right now though, the grass is lush and thick, covered in dandylions, and trees are blossoming and pigeons have come back. As for the people; they're comfortably outside! During the weekend, a lot of people go camping or somewhere out in the country, so the city was rather quiet. At night, it was very noticeable how few illuminated windows there were.

I also (finally) bought a second curtain rail to hang some proper curtains from. Well, they're not actually curtains, more like cotton roll-up blinds. But that's perfect. I like seeing my net curtain, but the problem was my large West-facing windows always had the sun glaring in during afternoons, meaning the bedroom heated up like mad and my eyes could get so easily damaged. During the early Spring weather/short days I could handle it. With these textile blinds, I can now cover the key parts of my windows when the sun is out, meaning I can also sit in front of my laptop with ease at any time in the day. When it's cloudy, I can roll them up, bringing in more light :)

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