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Since trying to switch on the ceiling light in my room caused a fuse to blow out some months ago, it was only a matter of time before the bulb failed. I noticed how yellow my light had gotten recently, I noticed how it had become so dim...

Then on Monday morning I wanted to switch on my bedroom light. It kept blinking. I flicked the switch off, then back on again. It stayed off :(

But as I had Wednesday and Thursday off this week, I couldn't help but think: what convenient timing. So I put up with no ceiling light for 2 nights and on Wednesday morning, I went down to the reception and said the light bulb no longer worked (in Czech, obviously). Thursday morning a handyman came up and I watched him change the bulbs. What I saw astounded me: the bulbs were traditional filament bulbs, instead of the longer-lasting halogen bulbs.


I thought the EU had banned the sale of those. And no wonder the bulb died after about a year of use! They're still using crappy old filament bulbs. I mean, can the company that manages my block of flats seriously not afford modern halogen lamps?

In other news, this weekend saw highs of sub-zero temperatures. It is very cold outside, so I continue to be amazed at how warm my flat is, even though I haven't switched on the heating :P

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