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4/5/2013, I went for the entirety of April without putting an entry up here? Makes me wonder why I didn't add my thoughts of Margaret Thatcher when she died. I suppose so many other people were talking about it and...I was talking about it directly with Nathan and June at varying times, so I didn't feel the need to put my thoughts to paper. In a manner of speaking.

The quick summary of my thoughts of Thatcher: she did great things, but had no understanding of how businesses impacted communities, hence why traditional mining towns have remained ghost towns for 30 years.

So I finished my playthrough of Bioshock Infinite a few days ago. I honestly believed I would want to write my thoughts/review here too, but...well I saw 2 videos that talked about this game and I feel I have nothing to add. I do agree with Noah Antwiler's (aka The Spoony One) sentiment that this game would make an excellent movie, as gameplay is very mediocre. I certainly wasn't playing for the game itself, just the story, atmosphere and music, which is good, but you want gameplay to measure up because otherwise it has no replay value.

So I recommend you watch the review by Angry Joe and the summary of key criticisms by Matt Lees. Be warned, the criticisms by Matt Lees does contain spoilers (he also warns you) but the points I don't agree with and he addresses are: 1) I loved Columbia and felt the city was lived in and 2) battling a ghost didn't bother me.

Yes you battle a ghost in this game. It's honestly not the most absurd thing.

I went to see Iron Man 3 earlier. Pretty good movie. I actually want to report a strange trend in movie trailers: using well known soundtracks from elsewhere. In the trailer for After Earth I heard the unmistakeable theme of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and I'm pretty certain the beginning of World War Z's trailer had Tron: Legacy music.

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