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I had typed quite a bit in my Jahresbrief 2 days ago, so for that reason, I'm understandably reluctant to just sit down and type. But type I will. Oh and, notice I said 2 days ago instead of 3? For my fourth Jahresbrief I missed my traditional Christmas Day writing slot. Ah well, I had food to cook and people to chat to!

And videos to watch...lotsa videos involving Dragonball Z. Honestly I feel like my DBZ fangirl has been revived for the first time in scores of years! So much so I feel like I should continue that fanfic I started 3 years ago and then ditched in a gutter.

Hmm, or not. My Jak & Daxter fic from last year was honestly better quality.

Anywho, what I wanted to write about was one of my Christmas presents. Vlasta got me this huge book, which is bound in leather and with gold embossed writing on the cover; each page has a story from the Bible accompanied by an immaculately drawn picture. Oh yes, it's in Czech. So the last few days have seen me spend time reading out a story to Vlasta, who can then correct my pronunciation and tell me what key words mean. The...way...I read...out...the dis-joint-ed-ly, makes me feel like a small child again, reading the story out to my Mum. I still remember my confusion at the words 'tongue', 'drawer' and 'misled', in the days of my youth.

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