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I feel like I've been playing Child of Light for EEEEEEEEEEEEver!

For months anyway. When I'm done with the game (I'm on the final boss) I'll compare when I got my first and last trophies. That will make me cringe.

It doesn't help that a few weeks ago, I discovered a pile of episodes of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy uploaded to Youtube. I've been ploughing through them :D. I've forgotten how stupidly happy this daft makeover show made me, to the point that when it comes to choosing between playing Child of Light and watching more eps...I watch more episodes XD

Good thing I finished the load though...that's a bit dirty. But yeah, I'm done with the episodes just in time for my adopted Czech little brother to move in. Oh, I should elaborate.

Over New Year young Honza learned that I regarded him as my adopted Czech little brother. He doesn't dispute my description for him, since while we're friends it's always a bit odd to explain just how the friendship formed. Saying he's the son from a man's previous marriage, said man I'm now living with as a sub-lessor...gets a bit weird. Now previously, he tended to only stay over a few nights here. But...he has graduation exams coming up...

His results ain't too good right now. So his father decided to take action! The living room has been converted into his PC den - I mean bedroom and the purpose for him moving here is to make sure he gets to school on time. Oh and I now tutor him in history. We've had 1 session already and I enjoyed it immensely! He was engaged...high praise for sure. Sometimes my response after an entire little lecture to his silence was "I love history". Him: "I could tell."

To be fair, his problem isn't his lack of interest in history, it's just that the Czech curriculum apparently expects every student to know general parts of every bit of history ever...I do not need to list just why that is counter-intuitive, but in his case it certainly doesn't help that his area of interest is 20th Century political and military history, while our tuition looked at the Renaissance. Oh, not Italy, the era. The homework we were looking over touched on anything from the Basilica di Santa Fiori to Elizabeth I to the invention of the Printer to the expansion of Overseas Exploration to the Reformation. The fact that I had to tell an 18-year-old the story of Christopher Columbus pretty much highlights why this (lack of) focus is entirely ridiculous.

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