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Many of the people reading this
are interested in anecdotes regarding my life here in the Czech Republic. Well here I have a surprising one.

At the bottom of the work building, we have a staff canteen. Very handy for (decent) cappuccino, mints, random necessary things like hand wipes and cough sweets, breakfast snacks and full, cooked lunches for those days you cannot be bothered to prepare anything at home. The food tends to be school canteen quality, so I find myself falling back on the mantra that the best served potatoes tend to be chips. Or 'hranolky' as they're called here. At least the canteen is stocked with salads and fresh fruit, something I should take advantage of more often. However, I am currently desperate for the return of Kit Kats.

So yes, lunches. Every day, about 5 different meals are prepared, with at least 1 healthy option and 1 vegetarian option. Because the Czech lunchtime is about 11am - 12:30, you can be unlucky enough to sometimes go downstairs at 12pm and find out your desired/best meal is already sold out. Damn Czechs and their early lunchtimes!!! Except these days, the stock has been better prepared so it happens on a less frequent basis now.

Last Wednesday, despite being on a later shift, I was desperate to go down at 12pm for my desired meal of French Hotdog with chips and salad. I ended up arriving downstairs about 12:10 to find the queue stretching from the hot food serving table, past the trays, past the door, and into the edge of the seating area. So I was really anxious, thinking everyone wanted the same thing as me. Actually, the majority of them weren't interested; they actually wanted the Chicken Cordon Bleu with over-boiled potatoes.

...I don't get it. My 'French Hotdog' (doubtful) was delicious: good quality pork chunks, between warmed brown bread, with fresh salad and a good portion of chips. I do not understand the fandom for Cordon Bleu; however, the staff clearly did as they were cooking absolute piles of them!

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