Ruth's Diary


Where I go for Street Dancing, the hall gets very hot. Scientists have proved that the best way to keep cool is to open a window, or better yet, a certain type of window. So why were there 2 giant fans switched on maximum?!

Well okay, I know why. But it saddens me that so much power was being wasted. Here's where you learn something new about me: I'm a passionate Environmentalist.  I generally don't approve of fans because they only really cool you down if you're very close to them. If you want to use them to cool the entire room, you can't. You can try to keep a room cool by using as little electronic gadgets as possible because anything powered by electricity gives off heat.

Now let's look at an environmental consequence. (Don't worry folks, I'm not going to be another messenger of doom and gloom, I'll just show up some people's stupidity.) During the last week or so, we in England have been having a heat wave. People were naturally caught off balance because British weather is often dreary and despite the native knowledge that the thermometer can shoot up at any time, we didn't realise that the Sun would get so strong so soon.

Being a little smug, I did. (I saw the Five Day Forecast alright?) During the hottest days I stayed inside most of the time and only had a few minutes contact with the Sun. So I stay relatively pale but tanned (or yellowed) enough to defend my skin from basic sunlight. Some people somehow stayed outside for an entire day with only one layer of sunscreen and naturally got sunburn. How typically British for the British youth to underestimate the power of the Sun.

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