Ruth's Diary


This morning I went out to buy a few Witch Hazel products, for my spots obviously. Though while in Croydon I realised I had the chance to do a bit of job-hunting. There are two reasons why I want a job: I'm saving up for Uni and my under 18 bank account will be closing soon because once I return to school I'll be practically 18 already. The money will need to go to a new account and the best one to suit me would be the Young Worker's account, but the obvious catch is that I actually need a job.

So I asked at Waterstone's, a few clothes shops and Clinton's. With all the "no, sorry"s I was getting I started to wonder if someone had pinched all the good places. WHSmith will have openings coming the end of the month, so I'll need to remember to go back there. However I felt somewhat depressed going home so I went into McDonald's for some pleasure food: a double cheeseburger. On the wall I saw a display of hourly wages and application forms next to it. I wondered if this was a sign from God, telling me to apply there. The staff in that particular place seemed quite pleasant. I took the form, deciding that I'll at least have it with me in case I start wondering about the offer.

Although I'd prefer to avoid working there. Despite holiday bonuses the hourly wages are less than £5 however old you are. Ikea pays better, which is why I applied there...but I got turned down. But hey, it's not all doom and gloom. When I found out you had to be 18 to work at the cinema, I decided that if I couldn't find any job anywhere before my 18th I could at least apply to the cinema. But honestly, I don't like job-hunting; it's so daunting to go up to a member of staff and ask if there are any vacancies. Part-time jobs would be so much easier to find if companies who have spaces to fill advertised their need in youth mags and gatherings, such as Pulse Magazine, Starbucks or on the Connexions website.

Changing the subject, while walking home a Ladybird (or Ladybug as you Yanks call it) landed on my shoulder. I made the little insect crawl onto my hand and I played with it. At that moment a memory flittered by. When I was 9 my Year 4 class was made to pick an insect, make a small info display and make a presentation about it. I chose the Ladybird. When people could ask questions afterwards one question was: "Is it true their dots tell their age?" Being young and impressionable I answered "yes", but then my teacher told me that was a myth. I didn't properly know what a "myth" was at the time, but I was left wondering the actual purpose of the dots. To this day I still don't know, but I'm less curious these days.

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