Ruth's Diary


So sorry I haven't written for 10 days but last week had lots of things happening and I couldn't find a spare 30 minutes, as well as not being bothered to write. I was going to write about the interesting Church meeting last Wednesday but I was too busy the next day. I was also going to write something about the bombings (none of my family were harmed) but I can say one thing: DON'T HATE THE MUSLIMS! I also went to my school fair last Saturday, where I ate lots of cakes and sweets in the name of charity and because people had a serious lack of imagination this year. The fair's shrunk since last year.

So what am I up to now? Well I'm writing this in my frees (free periods-I should be studying but we're not really working in school right now). Soon I'll be going to the Aerodrome Hotel to hand in my application for Receptionist, we'll see how that goes. I'll just end this short entry with a thought.

'Lothar' (not sure what his real name is) from 'Extermintus Now', one of the many comics you can find at, talked in his rant about the "psychotic old lady" trying to hand him a flyer about Jesus. It talked about him in turns of rugby I think. Lothar said he wasn't interested and declined, she said it was actually about Jesus, once again he declined, she then threatened that if he didn't accept the word of God he will be damned. He still didn't care. He then carried on saying that this really isn't the best way to "spread the word" (this is one of the few times I agree with him). He then said that he would listen to "the word" if either a muscular, naked Swedish lady came alog orif he was threatened to by an action star eg. Samuel L Jackson. Realistically, this will never happen.

So where am I going with this? Well as a Christian, I'm ashamed to hear that some of my sisters in the faith are resorting to threats just to make people think about possibly going to a nearby Church. Jesus preached with love, not with threats and personally, I don't think people will go to Hell if they 'ignore' "the word of God". The whole basis of Christianity is that none of us are perfect and desire mercy for our dark actions, so the fact we're baptised doesn't give us a better chance of going to Heaven than the athiest. But anyway, there are better ways of spreading "the word" than asking for any old volunteer to hand out flyers. When I walked along Croydon once I saw some guys rapping the virtues of Christianity. How cool is that? And while I'm amusing myself with different ways of "spreading the word", how about they get teenagers to dress up as punks, chavs or goths to grab the interest of other teenagers?

On second thoughts, that might not work. What do you think?

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