Ruth's Diary


Earlier today we had the last evening service of the (school) year, which means the choir's services aren't needed until September. I actually felt a bit ashamed of myself near the end because I had messed up the anthem (good thing the choir was loud enough to sing over me), I kept yawning during the last hymn (song) and I think I sang some wrong notes in the last hymn too. Oh dear.

Anyway, as far as the choir is concerned, our services for the last year are not over until we have our choir dinner next Thursday, instead of rehearsal. This will be our third one and for the third time running we'll be going to the 'El Nido' Spanish restaurant. Nido means nest by the way. I have chosen grilled Sardines for my starter and Lamb-my favourite meat-for the main course (yum!^^). But I'm also feeling a bit...bored. I'm getting fed up of going to the same restaurant for the same occasion every year. I guess I'll have to find somewhere different next year...if I can.

This week I have Work Experience. I'll talk about what it's like in a couple of days. All I can say for now is that I'm very pleased that I got it months before the deadline. I just feel so smug when people rush to do something when I've finished in advance.

Oh and my Dad has just got back from Stuttgart in Germany. He was performing in a concert with the Cashalton Choral Society, which is a fancy choir some towns over. (The stuff they do just bores me.) But hey, he bought presents! He got Mum some chocolates and a few bottles of german wine to share with me: white, rose and red. I hope the red tastes nice, most red wines don't.

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