Ruth's Diary


My Mum finally got her wish: we're getting a new kitchen. Of course that meant moving all the things we wanted to keep out of the kitchen. *Sigh* So now we've ended up with the cooker in front of the door to the garden, our fridge-freezer is next to a bathroom (we have 3 bathrooms) and all the jars of stuff (jam, honey etc.) and salt and vinegar, plus mugs and glasses are on two trolleys outside the dining room next to the cooker. Plus our toaster is next to a bookshelf. Yup, it's pretty crazy.

So, I'm now sitting here with lots of hammering going on downstairs. We can't use our cooker, so our evening meals will have to be take-aways. Enter Nathan's ingenious plan to have a BBQ to reduce the amount of loose change spent on take-aways.

Now a complaint to the wrestling brand 'Smackdown!' Pay-per-views are supposed to be the grand arena where titles change hands in a climactic fashion, where story-lines are resolved and where specialty matches take place. WHERE WERE THESE MATCHES!!!? 'Raw' makes the effort to have at least one (usually two) specialty match per Pay-per-view, often the main event. I'm not saying 'Smackdown!' should copy 'Raw' but this brand has one unique feature: you're dominated by cruiserweights. Personally I get much joy from people flying everywhere (they can't really fly (stated for legal reasons)). So why can't you have a ladder match occasionally? The barbed wire steel cage was very entertaining.

What I'm getting at is the 'Great American Bash' was very boring. The only entertaining parts were outside of the matches. So, I beg you; more specialty matches please.

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