Ruth's Diary


I was going to talk more about madness without the kitchen because it's still not finished, but that will have to wait another day: I have a story to tell. One more thing, I'm so sorry I haven't done an entry for so long but there were two reasons: I never thought about doing it and I wasn't able to connect to the server for a while.

Anyway, today Alex and I finally properly got to know each other. For 2 years he and I just kept seeing each other around, which was quite easy to do considering we can walk to each other's houses and our schools were near each other. (He goes to College now.) We were surprised to find each other outside the cinema both intending to see 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. June (my best friend) and I planned to see it together ad Alex was the surprise companion. The movie was great, you have to see it, the only dodgy acting came from Veruca.

Alex and I were walking home soon after 1700 hours when 2 boys walked towards us. We squeezed past each other, but next thing I knew, Alex had apparently tripped up and he and the guy called Shane (never met him before in my life) were slanted toward each other. Alex then took out his mobile frustratingly and said: "I've had enough of this". He called 999 for the police. At this point Shane (more than the other boy) became even more threatening because they saw the phone. Alex was saying how they were threatening and stalking us in a threatening manner. I can support that, I also looked behind. While on the phone Shane came along on a BMX and blocked our path. He then glared at Alex and said: "You want trouble Alex?" He then just shoved him and left.

We had to wait at a particular spot so that the police could find us. While we waited Alex told me more about Shane, who bullied him. The two used to go to the same school. Shane injured Alex in many ways, so Alex told him he was pissed off about it so he was going to do something, then Shane pushed him in front of a car with the hopes of getting him run over. And when Alex did talk to his Mum, she never believed him and said Shane would never hurt a fly. (Yuh, right!) And Alex's Mum told Alex to give him some respect because he has a job. I really couldn't believe the story; it sounded fictional. Shane was also the stereotypical chubby bully. I also admired Alex's bravery; to face this against the odds for so long.

Well it took a while but the police finally arrived. Alex was actually shaking with excitement: he could report this bully and had an eye-witness to boot (me!). It took a while for them to do everything: they had to take down our details, Shane's rough location and description. But hey, when they left, Alex was really happy. If you'll let me use a technical term: exalted.

So that's how you deal with bullies: travel with a friend and report to the police. Stay safe.

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