Ruth's Diary


I have some spare time right now so I'll give details to life without the kitchen.

Our only cooking appliances are the microwave and the barbeque. The microwave has reheated food (normal), cooked jacket potatoes (which doesn't usually happen), cooked my super noodles (normal), frankfurters (first time) and a small pizza (hasn't done that in a while). Nathan has used the barbeque to cook beef steaks, beef burgers, chicken fillets and sausages. They weren't covered in charcoal, which is just how I like 'em.

Now for some stories. Despite not having a kitchen, I saw no reason why we couldn't stick to the tradition of eating Roast Lunch on Sunday. Mum thought we could go to Sainsbury's Restaurant and eat the quick Roast Dinner. But Nathan wouldn't have it. The Grand Prix was on that day and he always wants to watch the pre-race preparations (why!!!?). So we were doomed to having sandwich lunch and tea. But I wouldn't have it, so I took the microwaveable frankfurters from the fridge and made yummy hotdogs for those who wanted them. In other words, everyone except Mum.

Reflecting on our one-and-a-bit weeks without a kitchen, Nathan and I realised we haven't had as many take-aways as we thought we would. We had one last Wednesday, ordered take-away on Saturday, yesterday (that's right, the same day Alex called the police) Nathan was a bit moody and begged me to buy him Chicken Nuggets and Chips (his favourite). He allowed me to use his money because he has loads and Mum didn't want any take-away. I bought myself haddock while I was there. Our next take-away is tomorrow.

Before Day 1 of new kitchen-building my Mum went into a slight frenzy and made loads of salads. I hate her salads: they stink and looking at them makes me want to puke. But it's because of this that on two days so far, Mum and Dad have had salads *shudder* for tea, while Nathan had jacket potato and uncooked sausage rolls and I either had salmon sandwiches or small pizza. I do like salmon sandwiches, I just need at least one cooked meal per day.

Well, the only things left to do in the kitchen now are putting on the new wall tiles and putting in the new cooker that comes in a day or two. I'm just thankful we haven't had people in hammering every day.

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