Ruth's Diary


I got my AS results today. For those outside the UK: AS results are end of year results for everyone in Year 12 or second-to-last year in High School, basically everyone who's 17. My results? Well I got my certificate in Key Skills! [sarcasm]Yay![/sarcasm] As if it was that hard. History: C (at least it wasn't a U like in the mocks) Spanish: slightly higher C than History, German: B and Media Studies: A. Just remember, 17/18 year olds don't get A*/A+.

I've decided to drop Media Studies because next year's course isn't all that appealing: analysing the news and the representation of women. (Snore!)

When I was getting my results I had actually sworn at my Headmistress. Well no, not really, I just said "bloody", which to all those old fashioned is considered swearing. But even though she sternly told me "I will not tolerate that language", I just cooled the air and left. I hardly talk to her or get in trouble enough to be told off by her, so I have no worries me. Why was I swearing? I found out that the new school year begins 2nd September. It's too early, 5th September is much more appropriate and when most other schools begin.

I also cooled the air by saying "I'll be here and will dress appropriately". I did have a good reason to say that, you see, I doubt that during term time the school will actually let me get away with wearing a see-through netted vest and hot pants. My form tutor actually greeted me as "Ruth, it's lovely to see you're not wearing no clothes".

Anyway, at 14:30 GMT or thereabouts we're leaving for Europe. It's usually an 8 hour journey by car London to North Germany. For one thing an hour or so is taken up by ferry/channel tunnel journeying. We're staying one night in Belgium, the weekend at Potshausen for the family reunion and a day in Luxemburg.

See you next week!

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