Ruth's Diary


Right, I got back from my holiday yesterday. It was fairly standard: get in the car, motorway, on the ship, motorway, hotel. The weekend was spent at Potshausen, a little village somewhere in north Germany, near the town of Leer. The good bit was seeing everyone again, the surprising bit was how people were saying I'm about to be a young Lady (18 next month), an interesting bit was discovering the next big thing to hit the German Charts and the bad bit was being covered in Mosquito bites. Mum and I shared a room at Potshausen, which housed 5 Mosquitos and I swatted 4 of them the next day.

What I've found with mosquito bites is that if they're completely left alone, they go away a lot quicker, which is easy to do when you have bad weather and cover yourself up. The only nice and sunny day was the first day, when we ended up in Belgium. As for Germany's next big artist, the band is called Tokyo Hotel-they spell it slightly differently. A punk rock band with a touch of Goth. Their song "Durch den Monsun" (Through the Monsoon) is lovely and what strikes me is how young they are: 15 at the youngest. They're also quite good looking. I was also surprised to find myself watching a music video of Arsenium's new song. You might not know who he is, but he was a member of 'O-Zone' who split up around the time Busted did. Any more clues? He was the one who was drawn as a Vampire.

The best bit was the day at Luxemburg (German spelling). It's a not-very-busy city layered in grass and trees and surrounded by farms and fields, so it's not a country but a State. The main language is French, but the next one is German so any info/warnings and German is put underneath. What was very annoying was the fact that hardly any menus were translated so Nathan and I had to have our parents translate every item. Also, quite wealthy people live there so many things are overpriced. There was one annoying Patisserie where no one could speak English or German. But apart from that the city is lovely. Most of the buildings are coloured yellow and have an 'antique' look.

There are also engineering feats: loads of bridges are built because the place is so hilly. Dad and I walked across the Duchess Charlotte bridge, looked down and saw a road a million miles beneath (not literally of course). We had also gone to a Fun Fair at night. There were extreme rides, loud dance music that competed with each other, lots of stalls, lights and lots of people who were there simply because it was fun to be there: exactly how a Fun Fair should be. Hardly any of them are like that in England any more. The annoying thing (yes another one) was the prices. Most of them were 3 Euros each, worth £2. *sigh* Rides prices have been going up as of late, why can't they be £1 each like they used to be?

Well I need to get going, I have a haircut. I'll probably be back on tomorrow when Nathan gets his GCSE results.

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