Ruth's Diary


Today I'm going to rant about...bins. Yeah, those public containers you find in the street and other places (train station). Why? I'm protesting against the bad distribution of them.

Dad told me that the IRA used the bins to put unsuspecting bombs in, which is why London Victoria station plus other big humongous train stations don't have any. But yesterday, I was in Milford: a quiet, out-of-the-way town in the county of Surrey. Why would anyone want to bomb a place like that? I was waiting for the next train while drinking the rest of my smoothie, then wandered around looking for a bin. I found a post box, a telephone box, but no bin. A mini bus came along so I asked the driver for the nearest bin and he said "There isn't any". But he did keep a rubbish bag on the bus, so there went the empty cup.

But I'm not complaining about just a few train stations. There are places where there are not enough bins. See, when you go through a neighbourhood full of houses, you often find abandoned, cans, chip packets (sometimes chips still in them), bottles and wrappers... I don't see any reason why there can't be bins put in neighbourhoods at regular intervals (they do that already in some parts of Germany). Also, they helpfully put bins outside of newsagents/ convenience stores. That's all well and good, but I was quite annoyed as a child when I got a eg. KitKat. I would open a bit of a wrapper then eat the biscuit bit by bit. But then I ended up holding an empty wrapper with no bin in sight and I don't think many people would walk all the way back to the shop just to throw away their rubbish.

In short: plenty of bins in shopping/leisure districts eg. High Streets, not enough in the neighourhoods.

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