Ruth's Diary


I'll begin by telling all those who live outside the UK what GCSEs are. They are usually taken by 16 year olds after studying the particular subjects for at least 2 years. Every school makes students study the standard subjects: English, Maths and Science. Then it varies school to school. Students can pick at least 4 more subjects, although most schools make it compulsory for a student to study a foreign language. In my school I was made to study a Technology, so I did Graphics, for my foreign language German, History out of a choice of humanities (Geography and Religious Studies as other options) then 2 completely free choice (Spanish and Drama).

I'm giving out this explanation because today, my brother Nathan got his results. In his school he was made to do the standard plus 7 extra subjects and only 2 were completely free choice. I don't think he'd appreciate me putting his results on the net, so I'll just give you a vague idea of his achievements. He got a C for Technology (he did say he found it rather hard) 2 Bs, several As inc Maths and Biology and 4 A*s inc German, History, Physics and Chemistry. So with these very satisfying results, he will study Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics as A(S) Levels next year, in order to aid his endeavor to become a doctor.

*applauds Nathan*

In case you were wondering, no my results weren't so good: too many Bs for one thing, but I was happy with them because I got at least A in the subjects I wanted to and have continued.

Small announcement: instead of putting up a new chapter of (the recently re-named 'Fall of the Catlans') this week I'm going to give you a small teaser by putting up the first chapter of 'Goth Story'. I'd like to know your immediate thoughts on the title alone.

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