Ruth's Diary


I'm feeling good. Why? I got no homework (Bwahahahaha!). If it weren't for the Spanish lesson, Monday of Week B (we have a 2 week timetable) would be the most pointless day of coming in. I have 3 Free Periods. But the reason I have no homework is because during my Spanish lesson we were made to pose for the school photo. That's right, school photo. All 1400 students plus 40+ staff. The final copy is really quite impressive, it's so long. The last school photo happened years ago. We really don't do it that often because sometimes the weather prevents us from doing it and it takes ages to do.

Today, it took us an hour to assemble outside, get into height order, then put all the students in the appropriate places according to Year and height. Being Year 13 and the oldest, we had to go on first...and waited...for so long. One entertaining moment was when the canteen staff came out and were made to sit with the teachers. They had to walk to the other side and went wearing the blue and white uniform, so we just had to cheer and applaud them as if they were models. What a laugh!

Did we have to dress smartly? Not really. Most of the school had to wear their uniform, Sixth Form were told to wear white shirts with sleeves and collars with black on the bottom. So there was a variation of shirt and black skirt/trousers, jeans or black anything. Me? I wore black jogging bottoms. And the other reason I feel good? I finally got my homework diary!

I had to drive to TJ Hughe's (a new store, it's like a department store) because they had misplaced my job application. While parking I got annoyed because I went to an area where I thought would have no fee but lo and behold: PAY AND DISPLAY. Another reason why I prefer public transport, but today I had to be quick.

I arrived to find the place neat, tidy and quiet. I filled out a new application in their canteen. Loads of employees came in and moaned: mad boss, random timetable changes, made to work extra hours. I then remembered someone moaning about a different workplace and being made to work extra hours even though she couldn't/shouldn't. I then wondered what I was getting into. But hey, I need a job and this place desperately needs workers, considering a bunch of them left without notice. Besides, my positivity can be surprisingly strong.

I also found out one of them's a binge-drinker. *shudder* Binge drinking to me is one of the ultimate symbols of stupidity: the reasons should be obvious. I've been guaranteed a call, so job getting expectancy is high.

Stay safe everybody.

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