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Sajida told me that the window that's supposed to be beneath this one didn't appear. If you can't find a window beneath this one, which has a banner surrounded by black and when you scroll down you find a messageboard, then tell me by email, which you can find in the [Info] section.

Right, well, today I found out the results of the Sound of Music auditions. I didn't get in it (I knew that would happen) but I'm upset about the fact that Rosie got the main part. Yes, she's talented, yes she's a great actor but she can't just have every main part handed to her on a platter, life isn't like that. She can't even play men! She told me so herself. Now don't think I'm jealous because I didn't even audition for Maria: I wanted to be Captain von Trapp. (No boys in my all-girl school.)

I guess I'll just have to watch the show and judge for myself if she makes a good Maria.

What I really want to rant about is stupid teenagers crossing the road. THINK! adverts say that 55 teenagers are run over every week. What they don't say is that part of the reason is because they're more concerned with the conversation on their mobile. Another reason is because some don't find the road dangerous. A group of them were having a casual stroll in the middle of a busy road last Tuesday. In the same night, a boy saw me coming and crossed without giving me a second glance because he thought I would slow down. I did, but he assumed. You can't assume that drivers will care about you.

I mean come on! Don't any of them remember the Green Cross Code!? Stop, look & listen?

Plans for this weekend: I'll be visiting the University of Winchester. I'm so excited (tee-hee), this'll be my first visit to a University.

Remember everyone: Stop, look & listen.

=End of diary entry=

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