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I've been accepted into Lancaster! I'm feeling honoured. I didn't think I would be given a place because in order to be accepted into that Uni's History-German course I would need to get at least BBB or 300 points. With my predicted 3 grades (BCC) I didn't think it likely to get in, but adding the points I got from my extra AS (in which I got an A) I'm predicted with 320 points, which is pretty good I guess. And suddenly I'm confused. I want to go to Swansea but Lancaster is quite prestigious and suddenly Swansea seems so small and petty. I'll be visiting Lancaster so I'll see if I see myself there.

Something I didn't add in the last entry: the streets outside my house now have light-efficient street lamps. The light shines beneath an oval dome, so night is plagued by less light and the road is completely pooled in orange. I thank Tom Brake (Lib Dem). Vote for the Lib Dems!!!

Now for something serious. 2 Christmases ago Dad and I signed a petition to release a Muslim who had been arrested without warning on suspicion of terrorism. Most of the community including Sajida know he's innocent and this act is against human rights. Because of the 7th July attacks, he's being sent to USA, where they have the death penalty. Huh, if the UK won't send away South Africans denied asylum because they could be persecuted why are the authorities sending UK Citizen Muslims to USA, where the President supports the death penalty? (And why does the apparently Christian President ignore 'Thou shalt not kill'?)

Sajida also told me how the 7/7 suicide bombers didn't intend to blow themselves up. Independent news sites (whatever they may be because I don't personally read them) reported at first how they didn't strap the back packs on their backs and left parking permits in their car windows-something people only do if they intend to return. The theory was the timers mis-timed and were set off at the wrong time. But after discovering the bombers were carrying these bombs the large news groups announced they were suicide bombers and the smaller ones were suppressed. Makes you wonder how free our society is... (Vote Lib Dems!)

"And now for something completely different!" (Monty Python) I'm chairing the next Canopy meeting.

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