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As I'm writing this, I'm snivelling and suffering from a cold, so forgive my even less amount of coherence this week. I'm just glad I got no homework this weekend...nothing pressing anyway. Even looking at this screen is making me want to shut my eyes. Oooh I can't wait till I'm asleep in my bed. That's what I'm doing after finishing this.

I haven't updated in a while because I felt so lazy during half term and it carried over into my school life. Chapters of 'Fall of the Catlans' (Jaron) will be put up again in 2 Fridays time. Why? Because I decided to update each chapter differently. Instead of my old method: proofreading, putting it into the editor and uploading the page onto the site all in the same week; I'm going to do the method that wins all: do everything in advance (except uploading of course).

Status of Project Year 7 Sales (that's what I'm calling the get-every-Year-7-form-to-buy-2- tables-and-sell-stuff task): quite successful. The results are varied: some forms are (were) clueless and others are really motivated. Form 7O is doing everything without my presence. The downside is that there will only be 10 out of the target 12 tables because I can't find 7B and am giving up. I suspect that their teacher found their formroom (homeroom) inconvenient and changed the location without telling anyone. It's relatively common and logical considering Miss Khan is a biology teacher and was put in the Music Block. Miss Oakley said she would find them but found Mrs Khan's room instead of Miss Khan. It's so confusing when there are 2 teachers with the same last name...

And if you're wondering how we code our forms, well it's very simple: B=Blue  G=Green  R=Red  O=Orange (I was in the very first 7O, and all the O forms after that) V=Violet  Y=Yellow

The school's Ecology Society is now often referred to as Eco Society or Canopy because that's the name of our website. What I find comical is that until 2 weeks ago, we had no aims and no clue what we were going to do, yet the numbers swelled. We're only getting a new member per week now, probably for the best since the Psychology classroom is getting full. We really should try and find a better meeting place.

Oh and I've also got a job...of sorts. I'm a distributor of Aloe Vera products, as in they're made of Aloe Vera. It's one of those jobs where you get paid if you made a sale. I'm happy about it because the working hours are very flexible and I have the opportunity of earning just £100 a week with only an hour's work in total. For that I also feel fortunate and sorry for those people working stupid hours in restaurants for low pay.

Email me if you want to try an Aloe Vera product. You get a free 60 day trial and the products have healed burns, (June's) acne and helped treat HIV.

Last point: Eleanor has made it her mission in life to get everyone addicted to RA Salvatore. I'm another success story! ^^

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