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I went to Swansea for my interview yesterday. HAH! That was no interview! It was a CHAT! But still, it was enjoyable and allowed me a second look at the Uni. It rained in the afternoon, which was a bit annoying considering I didn't wear my hooded coat (my bomber jacket-good for travelling). But even in the rain, the city looks pretty. I also entered the humongous and very busy library, where many students gathered-stylish and trampy, handsome and sickly (or not able to reveal their inner beauty) and I even saw a group gather for some kind of trip, have no idea what though. I can still see myself being there...

One thing I never said last entry: I actually enjoyed Harry Potter somewhat, I was worried it was going to be cheesy but it wasn't. *relieved* But I still didn't see it as a movie that can easily be declared THIS IS THE GREATEST MOVIE! YOU HAVE TO SEE IT! So I don't really know what all the fuss is about. This weekend Narnia will I see. It's really called Lion/Witch/Wardrobe but it's too long-and I even shortened it just then, it's a mouthful. It's easier to call it Narnia, considering I don't believe there are any other Narnia movies (none released in cinemas that is). On a random yet related note: I swear the Witch is played by the same actress who played the Borg Queen in Star Trek: First Contact. On yet another random note: I found it so random that Channel 5 showed the first episode of Star Trek: Voyager last Sunday (Caretaker). Not only is the episode 10 years old (God I was tiny when I first saw it!) but it's been shown once through on BBC2 already and Sky One has re-run the whole series 100 times already and will thousands of times more. Thinking of Voyager, I believe it's quite official that Captain Janeway is the most popular Starfleet Captain. At first it was Kirk vs Picard, then the documentary 'Trekkies' asked a bunch and it came out Picard vs Janeway. Then I wondered how many Star Trek fanfics were on and Voyager had the most by at least 1000 (each series had its own section) most involving-you guessed it!-Janeway.

Thinking about must-see movies, on Sunday I saw Neverending Story. You must see it, especially if you're a fantasy fan...otherwise you might not enjoy it. The soundtrack's magical, the effects were great (even though it was dead obvious when they were standing in front of a blue screen) and is yet more proof that human standing next to moving model creature looks more real than human standing next to CGI creature. Acting was superb too (usually, some actors were just too young), plus it shows the magic of reading books...even though most books don't actually gradually suck you into their world...

Gotta go now, History essay to write.

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