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I saw 'Narnia' last weekend and it was GREAT! Definitely a must-see-movie.

You know, studying History really makes you want to produce source material of your own. We often read diary entries of the most random and insignificant people, but we rely on the views of bystanders oh-so-much, which makes them just a bit more interesting. I often look at pictures of lovely houses and furnished insides and swanky areas of town. So I thought to give a balanced picture by describing the ugly houses most commonly seen in London.

When the towns and cities industrialised during the Victorian times, vast terraces were built of a particular brick, which has darkened with age and now appears dark brown-black. They look so ugly. In Croydon you see rows of dazzling shops and my heart sinks a bit when I see the original building above them all-dark brick. When I was on a train zipping through (I think it was in Lewisham) I saw rows of terraced houses with the jutting architecture of the Victorians (no doubt surrounding a cramped street in which cars are parked both sides and only one can ever drive between them) made out of the same ugly brick and the houses themselves don't look too warm. But I stress: look. I might be wrong about the heating, but they definitely look ugly. They look so ugly that ruined buildings of the Soviet Union look a lot more cheerful and welcoming on a landscape.

I went through a bit of nostalgia earlier. I was going to Barry's (June's higher-up in the hierarchy of Forever Living Products-the company that does the Aloe Vera) to pick up some products (obviously) and I discovered he lived right near Muschamp Road, where I attended Muschamp Primary. I looked through a gate to the school and saw that the fences and pipes were still painted blue-our uniform colour. I also thought the thing that most people would think when looking at places of childhood: "it's smaller than I remember it". When I was 5, it looked humongous, when I was 10 my High School looked humongous. When I went to visit some Unis (I got into Swansea by the way) they were huge but I kept them in perspective.

Speaking of uniforms, my High School (Wallington Girls) is changing the uniform. I think it looks pretty good, not that it should bother me-I'm leaving next year and Sixth Form don't wear uniforms. Blazer with logo will be added (we finally have a blazer!-well, we had one in the 70s, lost it, now they're bringing it back). Green V-neck jumper will be navy, they'll keep the light blue blouse and kilted skirt, the bottle-green (tatty) tracksuit will be black with white stripes, the school logo and will be zipped up. There'll be an optional black fleece. Yellow polo shirt will be lilac, green hockey socks will be lilac and green netball/hockey skirt will be (they said lilac but the one on display was black).

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