Ruth's Diary


Yesterday's breaking news was the official Muslim Day of Anger...I would be happy to join them. All the critics were talking about free speech and criticising the Muslims for not being open enough and not being as enlightened as the West and talking these things through in a civil manner. Are we really that arrogant? IT DOESN'T MATTER!

One of Islam's fundamental laws is to never draw any representation of the Prophet Muhammed. It doesn't matter if he's holding a bomb, it doesn't matter if he looks like an angel. YOU CAN'T DRAW HIM! THAT'S WHY THE MUSLIMS ARE SO ANGRY YOU MORONS!!!

It's like one of the Ten Commandments: never draw what God looks like. I know there are plenty of movies with representations of him and personally I don't like it, but they were made in Christian-dominated realms, so it was our personal problem to deal with. Drawing Muhammed in a cartoon is just plain insulting: did they really think that Islam would just see it their way as freedom of speech? Never assume the attitudes of an alien culture: Britain continues to stereotype Germany as violent Nazis or Goths or uncaring about WW2 and never laugh. It's not that much of a problem anymore, but some people still see the Germans like this. If there are still some people who assume what the culture of a country across the Channel is like, how much better can we understand the attitudes of the Far East?

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