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Happy Ash Wednesday everybody! Enjoy your pancakes? That's all Britain doesthough ain't it? Most of Europe dress up in masks and costumes and go to parties and carnivals to celebrate 'Mardi Gras' or 'Fasching'. Well, on Sunday I went to a nearby party at the German Church...and I can't get the pictures to appear! (That's just great \_/)

So...I'll just rant about the degradation of the English language.

You are supposed to say 'I was, you were, he was, we were, they were'. So why are there people saying 'you was'? It's in England and America. Is it just to sound cool or because people don't know enough English? Probably both. It's not as bad as people saying the F word to sound cool but I'd rather they at least tried to learn the rules of English. It just sounds wrong. 'You was'

Next week I have my mocks, so I need to get cracking on revision. I don't know what went through Mrs Greatorex's (Headteacher) mind when she decided to squeeze all the Sixth Form's mocks into 2 weeks and within lesson time. I'm glad some of my teachers will turn the lessons into revision periods, but it made life hell for the English department-whose exams last 3 hours! They had to place one exam in the afternoon, which means that those taking it have to stay 2 hours after school.

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