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What's stupid: the traffic light next to Wilson's that heads into Plough Lane. It's only green long enough to let 3-5 cars drive through.

What's pointless: cars that can travel up to 500 mph. Fast cars are only used in races (perhaps there should be less racing? It would certainly reduce emission levels). The one that Jeremy Clarkson used to race across Europe in last week's Top Gear cost more to build than to sell. WHAT'S THE POINT? I don't mind watching super cars in action but what's the point in making them if most maximum speed limits are between 70-100 mph? The only country I know of to have 'no limit' zones is Germany, which Jeremy calls "refuge of the speed freak".

What's official: Nathan knows a celebrity. Not a really famous one perhaps but...anyway. Any UK residents who watch Top Gear would know of James May. Nathan's currently playing Toca Race Driver 3 and talked to James one time online. Nathan has him on his 'friends' list.

What I saw yesterday: V For Vendetta. The situation seems very unlikely to happen, but how the scene/setting is created is very clever, especially the history behind it, which is explained in detail at certain intervals. It's also got a good story, good acting, yaddayadda. The one thing that lets it down is how some of the characters talk. It seems artificial, especially some of Natalie Portman's speech: she sometimes spoke oh so carefully to make sure the American accent didn't slip.

What I did yesterday: danced with the rest of 'Fr33ze' the medley we were practicing. We did it in Sutton, outside, for Marie Curie Cancer Research. OUTSIDE! IT WAS COLD OUTSIDE! I wore trousers (so legs were warm) and a vest. Good thing I didn't dance for too long.

Why I've pushed 'Gods of the Amazons' to one side: for one thing, I've sorta...forgotten what the characters are like. I still haven't figured out how to end it. Also, my Great Uncle Helmut has been asking around for someone to translate a website into English (they keep getting English visitors for fonts). Dad and Uda don't have time and after a while of consideration (I'm getting paid!) I sat down to translate the homepage. It's not easy-Dad has to check all I write and checking is quicker than doing. For the moment I'm not doing any more because Dad's checking they haven't got someone else to do the job (Helmut doesn't own the website) and which sections need a proper translation or just a summary.

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