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I visited Aberystwyth Uni last Saturday. Damn it's hard to get there: 6 hours by train. It's why my parents decided to drive up there (it's in the middle of the far west Welsh coast). It took 2 and a half hours to drive to my Grandma's house (in Worcester)-we didn't do the typical 30 minute stop that happens whenever we go there-on Friday night. Next morning had we not stopped it would have taken 2.5 hours again. It was very rural so there was hardly any traffic. At one point we stopped at a pub and heard from the bar Men singing. Even though they were singing casually they sang in harmony and completely in tune. Wondrous. (Yes the pub was in Wales)

I am seriously thinking of going there. The locals compare the place to California and in the town is everything you want and need: all within walking distance. Comparing courses between there and Swansea: Swansea is pretty crap-the history course isn't particularly wide-ranging. The only thing that holds me back I guess is getting there. At least to Swansea I could condense my luggage and go on a direct trip but to Aber I would have to be driven down. Mum insists that wherever I go I would have to be driven down anyway 'cos I'd have so much stuff. She was driven/picked up by her Dad while my Dad had to contend with trains and turncoat delivery companies (not like they charged him £100 but still). The Uni knows that it's hard to get there, so it pays any visitor who claims it the travel expenses (hotel price not included-good thing we didn't stay in one).

Can I just ask, why is everyone so depressed? In fact: why are the girls so depressed? I see 
boys, walking along at a casual gait, quite cheery. My brother's friends don't really complain about anything. Many (not all) girls, on the other hand, walk into school tired and glum, sit around and complain, declaring life to be s**t. Get over it, life is good. In an effort to draw in more customers, High Street stores constantly have sales. Buy some clothes if that will cheer you up. Boys have a 'get on with it' attitude (if they're smart). Girls would probably be a lot more cheery if they saw things from a boy's point of view.

I've also not been bothered to finish 'Gods of the Amazons'. It's not writer's block, I'm just always finding other things to do.

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