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The last couple of days have certainly been busy...well, yesterday was. Wednesday my school broke up for the holidays and since Easter's coming up we had an Easter Service in the hall. My form got there early, so the row in front of mine decided to play a game of Chinese Whispers. My row eagerly played along. The girl who started the game whispered "Moist Flange" (spelling on a postcard please). But one player enjoyed changing the message drastically, so when it got to me the message was "I wanna f*** Ms Tidswell". She's actually Mrs Tidswell, but people forget that easily. Anyway, anyone who got the message suddenly had fits of giggles. ^^

As to why Thursday was busy. Regarding my job as an Aloe Vera products distributor, I actually want to sell enough products to become Assistant Supervisor, so I can start my own team when I go to University (in Aberystwyth-I've decided to go there! What's funny is that I wanted to go there way back in Year 12 but I thought less of it as time went on, oh well). It was INSET (Teacher's training day-one class was how to use Excel) so June and I went into Wallington Girls and sold lots of products. In order to encourage the sales we picked a charity to send the profits to and as an ingenious idea they will be spent on-via Oxfam-school equipment for poor children. The most popular products were the Moisturising Lotion and Aloe Vera Gelly. The products we had were "most popular" in general, which are displayed/demonstrated at every product launch/sale. I can't help but wonder if they're only "most popular" because they're the ones primarily promoted. I mean, the customers didn't even flick through the brochure to see the other products.

Then there was choir rehearsal-the longest ever. Easter is the most important event of the Christian Calendar-the event founded Christianity. There are also a lot of services in the Holy Week before it. Palm Sunday, then Evening Service on Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday and Easter Sunday. We had to practice the anthems for all those services-and it took a while. Easter Sunday's going to be chaos: there'll be 5 baptisms and one candidate will be bringing 60 guests to cram into our small Church AND Nathan told me today that people will be able to renew their Wedding Vows. WHAT WAS PATRICK THINKING? (Our parish priest) I thought he'd learn from last year's mistake of 3 baptisms on Easter.

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