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Today was Good Friday. Usually I go to a service or procession, but no. I went to Boots in Sutton to encourage people to buy the new Oral B Triumph (yes, that's it's name). Oral B hired Frontier Field Marketing to hire people (me) to promote the new electro-brush. At first I was a bit worried 'cos there were only 14, but I couldn't get a single one sold. I don't blame them, I wouldn't buy a toothbrush that cost £140, even with the 30 Day money back guarantee. My feet hurt, I was hungry half the time (it's amazing how standing can drain your energy) and there were times when I got so unbelievably bored I did complicated multiplication in my head. I didn't notice all those people walk past 'til it was too late. I'll be paid £54 for today, but I'll be going back twice more (the money is worth it dammit!).

I had to fill in a reporting form and one question asked "Was the store busy?". What I found funny were the options: Very Busy, Busy, Not Very Busy, Quiet, Dead. I couldn't say dead; the store had background music and the staff were lively. Also I used the staff lifts. They're those ones when you have to close both doors yourself (no automatic mechanisms) and you have to close both doors when you leave otherwise it won't all. Like the lift in a Berlin block of flats (Aunt) Gesa lived in one time.

In the choir, I'm often amused when the elders complain about words being changed or poor quality modern hymns-especially when they're right. 'Big' Ruth (Eddowes) pointed out a vital misprint yesterday: on the back of a service sheet it listed this weekend's events and it said "Easter Saturday". It's Holy Saturday, not Easter Saturday.

Remember that weekend my parents took me to Aberystwyth? Nathan stayed "Homealone" and on Wednesday told me the secret of how he kept the house clean: he let the dishes pile up and didn't clean Dining Room/Kitchen at all 'till Mum called to say we were close. The cheeky monkey!

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